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Our company offers a customized attention with the people responsible for the community, not realizing only a countable management of the property but providing a direct solution through administrator of property who will attend the ordinary and extraordinary meetings. We will watch over so that everything what it is approved in the meeting will carry out. A continuous monitoring of the pursuit will become our principal activity, solving all the problems that appears in an effective form, securing an administrative economic quality which will affect in the good operation of the property.


The aim of our company is to obtain the confidence and the satisfaction of the community, to free to the government joint and to the president of the administrative management and to guard the good operation and conservation of the property.


Our services


Administrative economic management:


- Accomplishment of the annual budget, detailing all the expenses of the community.


- Monthly Communitarian taxes emission and collections.


- Monthly reports to the president of the community, detailing pending expenses, income and taxes, as well as the realised deviations.


- File of the documentation of the economic exercises, guards of act books, contracts and all the documentation of the community.


- Each co proprietor will receive a balance quarterly where it will come reflected the countable situation from the property.


- Announcement and assistance to the meetings, ordinary and extraordinary.


- Exhaustive analysis of the insurance of the property, looking for the most appropriate and processing of the parts of the property wreck.


- To realize steps with the official organisms and the insurance companies.


- Control of the workers of the property, social security, nominate and supervision of the works.


- Procedures and management of special loans for communities, by virtue of the agreements that exist with collaborating organizations.


- Show all the documentation of the community to any owner.


Maintenance of the building:


We have a telephone of permanent attention for unexpected and urgent failures that can be caused in the building. We cost the community's maintenance and improvements that can be done in common areas, so the value is not depreciated and the cost of future repairs is less.


Service of cleaning:


We consider that the cleaning and treatment of the surfaces, together with the maintenance are a condition essential to guarantee the operation of the buildings, and at the same time the requirement to conserve long term the value of machinery, equipment, buildings and facilities.


The objective of the cleaning is the care of the surroundings, where the people must live and work, care for health and hygiene in buildings, equipment or production processes.


Our cleaning services are designed to meet individual needs or common.


Swimming pools:


The swimming pool is the main attraction and point of meeting in any garden, a place for the relaxation and enjoy.


We will ensure that your pool is kept clean and in order to ensure the protection of the health of bathers. We will regularly check the pump, filters and heating systems to be in a good working order and properly maintained the levels of chemical.


If your pool is in excess of 200 meters, is a prerequisite to ensure that the perimeter of the fence is required and the assistance of a lifeguard when the pool is in use. We can guide you through your requirements and make available to those attending training


We also offer a design service and swimming pool construction and repairs necessary for its maintenance. It is inevitable that at some point the pool needs some kind of repair to keep in perfect condition




The concept of security is an incalculable value. Although Spain remains a relatively safe place to live, a community that protects itself, obviously, is less likely to be injured.


We have serious companies that offer services to us of security personnel. Also we can decide on other economic options, we can install audio/visual security systems 24 hours. In the case of an incident our agents will communicate immediately to the police. Systems and facilities are fully secured and the information collected in cameras can be used in penal process.




We work with companies in gardening and landscaping who can advise you how to make and keep your community gardens in a special way. It is important to know where the plants came from, how they should be watered and find the best possible way to treat them.


The gardens are a valuable asset to the community. First impressions are important, a well presented garden offers the opportunity to impress potential buyers and visitors, and promotes the hospitality offered to the owners.


Our professionals will regularly advise on repairs or improvements that can be done to your garden such as the provision of new plants or trees, the introduction of new features in the garden, patios, decks, shade structures, water and lighting.


Supervision of properties:


Aimed to the people who either rent their property or just live there on holiday and the rest of the time properties are empty, we offer a regular service on your property, with a security check, making sure it is closed all windows, balconies and gates, controlling the electrostatic mechanisms, lights, that the alarm systems are working properly, water supply and drainage systems are in perfect condition. We will tell you, as soon as possible, if something has happened and what actions can be taken.


Plumbing and drainage:


We have a highly qualified staff who can fix the drain pipes, maintenance and reparation.


Many neighbourhoods are reactivated when it comes to drainage. We can arrange an annual inspection of drainage systems to identify defects before a situation and to make recommendations to repair it.


Legal Service:


Our company has a property manager with the official title of the college estate managers and collegial relationship to any claims relating to the estate.


Gestations default, control of delinquencies and claim through the judicial procedure.


Legislative information and updating of legislative developments Any management-related legal estate


Claims neighbouring property related horizontal.





We guarantee for liability insurance in the amount of 300,000 Euros from the Territorial College of Estate Managers.




Our fee will depend on the services that have the property. In each case we personally look into the case and we will quote some.


Location of our company:


C/ Puerto Lugar Nº13, Casares


Telephone contact manager:


Andrea 636 036 861